This project has now ended. Read on to discover its highlights and achievements.

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The eSafety Challenge project  is promoting advanced vehicle safety technologies by organising a series of events addressed to policy makers and eSafety stakeholders.

The eSafety Challenge focuses on the technologies' potential to save lives on road worldwide through their increased deployment. An important obstacle for deployment is the lack of awareness among both policy makers and end users, which is affecting the policy support, user expectations and readiness for change.

The first eSafety Challenge took place 8-9 September 2009 in Rome, Italy. For more information about the campaign, please visit the following website:


eSafety On Board disseminates information to end users about the existing eSafety technologies and their benefits for driving. The campaign informs European end user about the life-saving technologies by organising events throughout Europe.

Follow the eSafety truck, get more information about eSafety systems and try the eSafety quiz under the following link:


ChooseESC! is the first campaign launched by eSafetyAware!. The campaign is focused on Electronic Stability Control (ESC). The technology has proved highly effective in preventing skidding, and has been hailed the greatest road safety innovation since the seatbelt.

The core activity of the ChooseESC! information campaign was the organisation of large-scale events, aimed at raising awareness of the benefits of eSafety technologies in general and Electronic Stability Control in particular.

eSafetyAware! is supported by The European Commission